Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Emma's first haircut
It was time. She's starting school in 12 days. Her hair has had this weird thing going on for a while where there's a bottom layer that's darker and prone to curling and then there's a top layer that's straight, super-blonde and silky. The top layer would lay like a crazy veil over the curly stuff underneath. We really needed to try to make her layers blend and get along better.

I took her to my hairdresser, who is a distant cousin of M's. She recently moved her business into her Dad's basement because the overhead in town was getting to be too much. She'd probably do better if she charged more than $10 for a shampoo, cut and dry, but I think she's afraid the local market won't bear it.

Anyway, Emma wanted to go first "to get it over with." Her daddy has fed her serious anti-cut propaganda. She'll cite Sampson's fate in the Bible when it comes to the dangers of haircuts. Once the haircut got underway she remarked that it didn't hurt at all. I told her! In the end Emma's hair is still pretty wild. I didn't have her cut the front or sides except to trim ends. We'd like her hair all one length except for the layers to blend in the crazy straight blonde stuff.

While I was getting my hair cut Emma played in the rollers. The hairdresser even put some rollers in for Emma, just for fun. When it came time to pay she initially wanted to charge me $3 for Emma's haircut. When I balked she bumped it up to five. I left her three extra dollars for both of us and counted my blessings that that's what passes for generous around here.

After the haircuts she took Emma out back and showed her the ducks they've rescued from abuse. Emma even got to bring home a duck egg. I sanitized her fifty ways from Sunday after she touched the egg, but it was a very kind gesture on the part of our hairdresser. I think it was a very positive first experience for Emma.