Thursday, August 27, 2009
It's hard to live with a Superhero
Emma has be very argumentative lately. She tries everything to get her way, bargaining, persistence, acting the victim, whatever. The other day she found a couple of small picture frames with magnets on the back that I bought at Disney. She wanted one. I told her, no, those were mine. She wanted to have one. I told her, no, I was going to put her picture in one and put it on the refrigerator, that it would belong to the whole family.

Why didn't I buy her one? She should have one. I pointed out that she got six princess dolls in a case and Aunt K bought her an awesome Jasmin and tiger and she got a bracelet and a Shamu, and mommy didn't get anything except these few frames. Was I expecting empathy? I must be daft. The situation was excalating and the tears were deployed. She beat, and beat, and beat the dead horse. She was sent to the steps, but after she served her time and was let up she'd start in on it again. She was put on the steps again. That went three or four rounds. Then she was sent to her room. She could not find it in herself to be quiet. It drives me nuts. She started going on about how she's not a part of our family. I had no idea where that came from.

Anyway, by then Daddy was home and had supper on the table. We got her to calm down enough to sit with us. The thing she decided to fixate on was that I had said the frames belonged to the whole family.

So she starts explaining how she's a Superhero and Superheroes don't have families.

"Yes, they do," I said, "Spiderman has an aunt."

"No, Superheroes don't have families and I'm not a part of our family so I should have my own frame."

"If you're a superhero then what are your superpowers?"

"I can't tell you. A Superhero can't tell you their Superpowers or they'll lose them."

Honestly, these are not the scenarios you picture when you're all starry-eyed looking at ultrasounds. How do we get from there to here?