Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Jack meets his second cousin once removed
Today we went to the funeral of one of M's aunts. She'd been ailing for a while so her death was no shock. As always, funerals are a great gathering of the family. M's cousin, the daughter of his deceased aunt had a granddaughter born one week after Jack. It's her first granddaughter and she's understandably excited. She wanted her granddaughter to meet Jack so we picked him up from Mary's and brought him to the family meal after the funeral. I'll say Jack and his second cousin once removed were about as impressed with each other as four month olds can be. Which means not much :)

A rare photo of daddy in his suit. Jack enjoying his lunch.

He's got the grip, buddy.

M's cousin.

Meeting of the May babies.

Awwww! Hey, wait...he's poking his thumb in her ear!

Both of her parents are over six feet tall so this may be the last time they see eye to eye.