Sunday, September 27, 2009
One year ago today...
I found out I was pregnant. I'd been feeling bloaty and strange for a little while. I had gotten to the point where I knew I needed to go see about it. If I wasn't pregnant then something was wrong with me. To rule out the (not so) obvious I asked M to bring me a pregnancy test from the store. The only he had was expired, but he brought it anyway. He brought it to me a work. I went in the bathroom and took the test while he waited around. I was stunned when it came up positive. Really.

I walked back to my office and told him it was positive. Those moments are so loaded with a million feelings and thoughts and he's like me, it takes a little while to sink in. Only one problem, though...the test was expired. What if it wasn't reliable? Now I had to know for sure.

We were scheduled to head to Maryland to see Uncle B's family that night right after work. Noni and Popi would be there too. I had to know the truth before I saw them. I planned for us to stop at a McDonald's that's a bit off the interstate, but near a pharmacy. Before we went in to eat I bought another test, this time with two sticks. Thank God. Because when I went in to take it in the McDonald's bathroom I screwed up the test. I didn't provide sufficient...ah...test material. The test came up...nothing. Not negative or positive. Gaaaah! Now I had to wait hours until I could test again.

Soon after we arrived in Maryland I excused myself and went to take the last test I had. This time I got it right. Positive. It was real. I quietly told M. Then, because I knew I couldn't make it through the whole weekend sitting on such big news, I told everyone else. They were thrilled for us. A whole new adventure was about to begin. Unfortunately, I was clueless as to when it happened so we had to wait several more weeks to get an ultrasound to establish the due date. Let me tell you, for me, waiting is haaard.

But, one year later, here we are. It's amazing how much can happen in a year.