Thursday, September 24, 2009
Update on Emma
She's loving school. I've already attended one parent/teacher conference. The teacher's comment was that she's really smart. I like to hear that. They've also found Emma to be a picky eater. But they'll keep trying new things on her and let me know if she likes something.

M takes her to school every day. He says he's noticed that other parents drop off their preschoolers, which is technically against the rules. But he plans to keep walking Emma to her classroom until she tells him not to. He's a good daddy.

If you ask Emma what she likes she'll tell you the playground. She likes recess and center time. She likes riding the bus to the store after school. I expected she'd ride home with me every day because I get off at least an hour earlier than M. But it turns out that she'd rather stay with him. As long as they're both happy with that arrangement I'm fine with it. I'm enjoying the relative peace and quiet of being home with Jack alone for a little while.