Thursday, September 24, 2009
Update on Jack
Jack had his 4 month ped appointment last week. Everything is looking good. Developmentally he's on schedule. He weighed 15.5 lbs. and was 25.5 inches long. In weight percentiles he's right at 50th. I'm getting mixed feedback on the height. The doc said 90th percentile and that Jack would be long and lanky. My NICU nurse friend said it was 75th percentile. My research found 58th percentile. So, all I can say for sure is he's above average in height and exactly average in weight.

He got two shots, which pissed him off big time for about two minutes. The nurses there are awesome because they'll come in three at a time so they can give all the shots he needs simultaneously. One nurse will hold him while the other two count down and poke him.

I'm enjoying Jack's recent achievements, which include grasping things with his hands and pulling them to his mouth and rolling over front to back and back to front. He also moves all around the floor when you lay him down on his back. I think he's starting to be interested in real food now because he watches us avidly when we're eating. The doc said to start him on cereal and veggies at five months. That's about two weeks away. Sigh, my baby's growing fast.