Friday, October 09, 2009
A birthday celebration all day long
Emma's preschool is off one Friday a month and today was it. She got to spend her birthday bouncing between the store, my work, and home for lunch. She begged for presents last night and we resisted, but we told her she could open one in the morning. We gave her a crown so that she could wear it to town on her birthday if she wanted. M also threw in the sidewalk chalk he had bought her so she could play with it at the store.

Sporting her new crown.

After work Grandma and Uncle K came home with us and had pizza and cake to celebrate. Then they got to enjoy the show as Emma opened her presents. Somehow she came up with this hilarious Valley Girl voice while exclaiming over her gifts. At least four things she got were what she's always wanted. Oh, and she loves us a lot. We know this because she must have told us so twenty-five times at least.

Playing with her new Zhu Zhu Pets. Mommy went through hell and high water to get these so it's gratifying to see that she's excited to have them.

We gave her the Cinderella Halloween costume we bought for her. After Halloween it will just become a dress-up outfit. In all, she had a really good day. Grandma remarked that everyone in town had to know it was her birthday because she told everyone she saw. Some of them even slipped her some pocket change. She made out pretty well, I'd say.