Sunday, October 25, 2009
Scooby Party
Emma had her very first "friend party." We invited her preschool class and last year's preschool class. We ended up with thirteen kids. The plan was to start with a Scooby episode, then play a game of wrapping some of the kids with toilet paper like mummys, then eat cake and ice cream, and then have free play in the Play Hut tunnel system and tent that we brought from home.

It all went according to plan, but we ended up with lots more free time at the end than I'd anticipated. The kids didn't mind, but some of the moms took the opportunity to take their kids home and put them to bed closer to bedtime. I would have done the same thing. It was a very high energy party and my head was buzzing trying to keep up (especially having Jack there to worry about, too). I told M when it was over that I'd probably need a year to process everything that had just happened.

We knew we'd done good when Emma told us the next night at dinner, "Mama, my party was a blast!"

Popcorn in hand and ready for the "movie."

Scooby cake.

Enjoying cake and ice cream. You would weep at how much cake was thrown away when all these kids were "done."

Opening presents with plenty of help.

While most of her friends were going nuts in the Play Hut and tent, Emma was being coaxed to open her presents by this friend so that they could play with them.