Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Mea culpa
To my friends who blog, I am sorry that I have not been a more faithful blog follower and commenter lately. I really do enjoy your blogs and enjoy keeping up with you and your respective journeys; I just haven't been able to fit that chunk of time back into my newly re-scrambled schedule. My list of lame excuses includes caring for a new baby, adjusting to how his presence changes the family schedule, adding "real" school for Emma to our schedule, dealing with my busiest and most taxing time of year at work, and being distracted by being able to follow you so easily on Facebook.

I'm really impressed at how some of you have really taken off with your blogs and gained a following. I really wish I could write about what I do with the same candor and excitement. I've really hamstrung myself with not being able to mention my job. But it's for the best, I think. My resolve wavers sometimes. Anyway, I will try to do better in supporting all of my friends who blog. I miss your voices.