Sunday, November 15, 2009
Thanks, Noni!
Noni came over yesterday to tend to the kids while I attacked my clothes surplus. It had gotten so bad in my bedroom that I had a path through the boxes and stacks of clothes. I invited her over for several reasons. The first I already mentioned, to keep the kids occupied so I could concentrate on working. Secondly, if she's here I'm more likely to stay on task and not get distracted, thereby wasting valuable time. Thirdly, I wanted to send her back over the mountains with stuff for Goodwill.

I'm glad to say the day was a success. My room looks twice as big with all that open space. Noni dropped off the equivalent of eight boxes of clothes and two boxes of household goods. She also has some girls clothes to take to consignment. The work isn't completely done. I still need to clear more surfaces and do another round of purging. But I can do that gradually, now that the hardest part is done.

Thanks, Noni! You're a peach!