Sunday, December 20, 2009
Rescued by a Deere
Our neighbor, who was supposed to plow our driveway, told us yesterday that he wouldn't be able to do it. Two feet of snow was just too much for his plow. He said the only reason he was able to do his own driveway was because it was downhill. M made plans to thumb a ride to town and then drive his four wheel drive truck home. His plan for the morning was to take us to town in shifts, since all four of us can't fit in the truck. First he'd take Jack to Mary's, then he'd come back for me and Emma to take me to work.

We were pleasantly surprised when the landlord's son, who runs the cattle on this property, showed up in the esteemed (by Emma) John Deere and plowed the driveway. That was a game-changer for us. Now we could all travel together. He promised to help pull M's car onto the driveway from where he'd parked it near the road, but first he had to plow out our widowed neighbor.

The next time I looked out the window I saw what you see in the pictures. He'd run off the driveway in the tractor. Our driveway is very tricky in that it looks pretty easy, but there are banks at least half the distance of the driveway where you can run off the road. He found such a bank. Fortunately for all concerned another John Deere was heading up the road and saw his predicament and rescued him.

I was cracking up at the bull that couldn't wait for the round bale to be unloaded. M and Emma watched for a little while and then M brought Emma back to the house and dumped her off because it's never a good idea to be in close proximity to a loose bull.