Saturday, January 30, 2010
The kids report from Noni's
Hi Mommy & Daddy!

We sure hope Mommy is feeling better and getting plenty of rest while we're at Noni and Popi's.

Yesterday after you two left to go back home, Noni and Popi took us to Jess' for lunch and we met the nicest lady, Miss Angeliki. When she came over to visit Jack, he got a little scared and cried for a minute or two, but after he had a while to get adjusted to the place and her, he smiled for her and talked to her a lot. They made the best chicken tenders and I ate every bit of them. THEN ----- Noni took us to the Children's Museum and we had the greatest time. Jack liked sitting at the front window watching the cars go by and I had fun with a new friend, Cole. He and I played at almost every station in the museum. He was a very nice boy and his mommy went around with us to show us how to do things we didn't understand. We had a really, really, really good time.

Jack and I both ate a very good supper last night. Noni and Popi were very proud of both of us and told us so too. We were both pretty tired, so we went to bed without any complaints.

Today has been a very snowy day all day. We've done a lot of things indoors while the snow has been falling. Popi watched some Scooby Doo shows with me and he played the Memory Game with me too. Noni set me upon the computer so I could play the Dora game and she taught me how to play War. Noni won when I played with her and I won when I played with Popi. Popi beat me in Memory Game a couple of times too. I don't think I was paying attention like I should have. I was playing with Jack at the same time I was supposed to be playing the game.

Jack has crawled everywhere in the house. He's crawled in the rec room, all over the living room, in the kitchen and in the computer room. He's had lots of toys to play with and today Popi cleaned up an old metal fire/ladder truck for us to play with. Jack really liked to turn the wheels that raised and lowered the ladder and I liked playing with all of it. Jack tried chewing on a couple of spoons while we've been here and he really made a wet mess all over his front when he did that. He was pretty tired yesterday and today. He took two naps and then went to bed tonight about 8:30.

I've been writing sentences for Popi on the Doodle Pad. The first one said "Baby Jack lays on Emma's back", which he did while we were playing today. Then I wrote "Baby Jack loves mommy" and I drew hearts and flowers with that one. Popi has been a really big help with writing these sentences, and I'm doing all the writing.

It's still snowing here. Popi cleaned the driveway and sidewalks today and took his truck out for a short trip to get some bread. He said the roads weren't too bad, but hadn't been scraped yet by the big trucks.

Here's my last two big sentence: "Baby Jack likes to eat green beans and turkey", and he really does. "Baby Jack likes to drool" and we drew a picture of him doing that.

We miss you, Mommy and Daddy, and Noni and Popi will be bringing us home tomorrow. Sleep tight, and I'll ask God to help Mommy heal when I say my prayers with Popi tonight.

Noni is attaching some pictures of us playing in the living room this evening. Hope you like them.

We both love you a bushel and a peck, a hug around the neck, a barrel and a heap, talking in our sleep about you!!!!!

See you tomorrow.