Tuesday, January 05, 2010
A million updates...or so
Jack is playing in his swing as I steal a few moments to type with two hands. I owe you a lot of pictures and the sad fact is that I haven't processed a single one from the holidays yet. I'll get to them when I can. In the meanwhile...

We had a lovely holiday. The pressure on me building up to the big day was intense, even though I tried not to let it be. There's so much to do to make a whole family mobile for our annual whirlwind Christmas tour. We survived it though. I'll share more details as I share pictures.

We've been living with a permafrost since the big snow three weeks ago. That snow is still there, along with layers of ice. My whole driveway is ice right now. They're not calling for temperatures above freezing here until next Wednesday. Joy.

Jack will be eight months old tomorrow. Wow. He continues to be a happy, very social and very engaging baby. Not that he doesn't have cranky spells, but they're fairly predictable and usually related to being tired or hungry (or poopy). He started commando crawling this weekend. It's just amazing how fast they develop skills from now through the next four years.

I love my car. I'm ever so glad I chose a Hyundai Sonata. I love, love, love the pep of the V6 engine. I had to buy new tires and new rear brakes last month, but that's not an exceptional problem at 30,000 miles.