Tuesday, January 05, 2010
More new toys for Christmas!

This HP Dreamscreen was a gift from Aunt Patty :) I hope she'll be pleased to know that it's up and running in my kitchen. So far we've used it mostly for the clock, the weather, and Pandora. It's awfully convenient to be able to hit a remote in the morning and get the weather forecast for the day. To accomplish all this we're using our WiFi connection. I was able to hook the Dreamscreen up with my Snapfish account and feed one of my albums into the digital frame feature. However, I've decided I'd rather make a collection of pictures optimized for horizontal orientation and load them to the internal memory.

I love the Pandora feature. I actually discovered it only a day or so before when reading raves about it in regards to iPod apps. I can see why people are so enthused. So far I've created four channels. I have a Billy Idol channel, a Queen channel, a Dean Martin channel, and one for The Smiths. I'm amazed at how well the Pandora program matches songs that would belong together. It's much superior to listening to an 80's channel with the same tired songs over and over again.

It's nice that you can check your Facebook on it, but I can't see using it much for that. I can do that on my iPod Touch and on the computer. With those methods I can actually respond to posts, so they're more useful.

I look forward to seeing my Dreamscreen without all the Christmas...uh...crap piled up around it.