Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Jack's Surge
Tomorrow is Jack's 9 month check-up. In advance of this I've been trying to assess what his capabilities are because I know I'll have to do the Ages and Stages questionnaire tomorrow. Within the last week I've taken note that he can now low crawl, push himself into the sitting position from the laying position, and pull himself up to standing in both his crib with bars and his pack and play without bars. He can pick up Cheerios but it's not a perfect finger/thumb pincher grasp. It's more like he uses his pointer finger to trap the Cheerio against the back of his thumb.

He doesn't form any words yet, but he does "talk" to you. If you ask for a kiss he'll lean in and open his mouth wide. He smiles all the time and is very sociable with everyone. However, he has started to show some separation anxiety and preference for Mommy and Daddy. When the occasional person comes on too strong he'll cry at them. Given time they can usually ingratiate themselves to him and become friends.

His favorite show is "Blue's Clues," but I think his absolute favorite is Moose A. Moose in between shows. He loves to play with toys, especially the ball popper featured in an earlier video. He has another Baby Einstein musical toy his Aunt Patty gave him that he loves. We call it the hammer :) Now that he's crawling he's ranging all around the house and finding small things we didn't even know were on the floor. Yesterday he had a whole hickory nut in his mouth before we knew it, and today it was a rubber pad from the bottom of some game. He definitely keeps us on our toes. Lord save us from the thousands of pieces of Polly Pocket.