Friday, February 05, 2010
One week post surgery
My impression is that it wasn't nearly as bad as I was told it would be. Make no mistake, the actual surgery part was no fun. The hospital took great care of me. I love the nurses at RMH. That said, my IV insertion wasn't the best. The anesthesiologist even remarked on it. It was a bit painful; I never got used to it being there. It amazes me when they roll you into surgery and there are always so many people in the room. I'm talking seven or eight standing around for a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.

Recovery is always bizarre and uncomfortable. I guess when you wake up they want to hear from you before they adjust your pain meds to where they work. They were generous with the painkiller. They kept checking to make sure I was sure I wasn't feeling too much pain. In the ambulatory unit after recovery I got to see M again. We weren't there all that long. I could have stayed there all afternoon napping. After the nurses pulled my IV we started the discharge process. My surgeon was caught in surgery so he gave me a phone discharge.

We stayed at Noni's one night and then M brought me home. The kids stayed with Noni and Popi till Sunday. Which was handy because I was on narcotics until Tuesday. Child care issues were all screwed up this week. Because of the snow days Emma only put in one full day of school this week. We had two hour delays and one early release. I was home all week. I did go to the office yesterday afternoon to clear my desk, but found it was more taxing than I anticipated.

As for the surgery aftermath, honestly, it wasn't that painful. I didn't have any issues with coughing or laughing. No need for pillows pressed against me. I had no gas pains. My surgery left four (or five) different wounds on me and those are sore, but otherwise it's been easy to cope with the pain (with the meds). I suppose having two c-sections has put this surgery in perspective. Not bad at all.