Tuesday, February 02, 2010
This time last year I thought I was going to die...
This was the night we took the wrong turn taking Emma to her friend's birthday party. It was snowing and the roads were already treacherous. We ended up on what was a glorified cow path up the sheer side of the mountain. I still get a knot in my chest thinking about it.

Tonight is the same girl's birthday party again. It's snowing again. This time I'm cozy and warm at home recuperating from surgery while M is taking Emma to the party. I get to wait for them to return safely. They're not home yet. I wish the snow would stop.

UPDATE: They're home safely. Thank God. The actual driveway to the little girl's house was harrowing in itself. Cut up a long hill with sheer sides. Two people coming to the party had incidents on the driveway. One ran off of it. It had to be near the bottom for it not to have been a catastrophic accident. The girl's dad had to tow the vehicle back onto the driveway. The other did a 180 degree slide and since they were pointing downhill went right home. No one could figure out where you could do a 180 without going over the cliff. M had taken the 4WD truck. Then he traded off at the store and drove himself and Emma home in my car. He said my car did great. So the party ended up with four kids, one more than they had last year. Emma said the little girl screamed a lot, but they all still had fun.