Sunday, February 28, 2010
Where I live...
Bears no resemblance to anything you see on television. I often say it's most like Mayberry, but not exactly. Everything we do here doesn't have an edifying moral to the story. As far as daily life goes we don't have murders, so that knocks out 75% of television shows. We have no reality stars so that knocks out 15%. We have no minorities so that knocks out 5%. And we have no coffee shops with couches so there goes the last 5%. Maybe if your satellite pulls in the RFD channel you'll see something like my home, but then it's not exactly like that either.

I'd like to tell you about my adopted hometown and how it shapes my reality, and the lives of my family, but it will take time. I'm thinking I'll share a series of posts and if everyone's bored it will go away quietly. If you're interested I'll keep at it. I really do think you'll see that I live in pretty rarefied air here and I'll be interested to know if some of you recognize your hometowns in my experience.