Sunday, March 28, 2010
Emma and Jack's Report
Hi Mommy and Daddy!

I just wanted to stop a few minutes before Noni tucks me into bed to tell you about the day Jack and I had today! We went to the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM!!!!! YEA!!!!!! I was so happy when I asked Noni if we could go and she said "yes" right away! I was so excited. Noni took a couple of pictures of Jack and me before we got there and I think she's sending them to you.

Jack liked sitting by the front window and watching the traffic go by while I played a great big "Operation" game in the medical section of the museum. I rode a bike and took a trip around the state. I pulled cards about different parts of the body and then I would find them on the Operation game. I sat in the back of the ambulance and I held hands with a skeleton! I think there's a picture of that too!

We visited Rosie the tarantula and I played in the kitchen for while. I climbed the wall and played with the train tables. And you know what - Jack had a good time too. He watched me do a lot of things and then he went down a little kids' slide. He sat on a John Deere yard tractor and he found a fence by the garden that he really liked pulling himself up on and walking along the fence. He was really a happy boy while we were there. He was laughing and having a good time. I am so glad we had the chance to go again.

We had lunch at my favorite place - Chik Fil-A. It was yummy. I even asked for more chicken nuggets after I had eaten six and Popi got them for me. I didn't eat any french fries, just chicken nuggets and a brownie. I didn't want to play in the play area this time. I had had so much fun at the museum I didn't really want to do that. Jack slept all the way through lunch and even again after we got back in the car. We went to the car wash and he slept through all that too.

Popi went for a motorcycle ride and we went back to Noni and Popi's house. I decided I wanted to wear my skirt again because it was so warm, so after Noni got it out of the dryer I put it on and we went for a great walk down to the lake. We saw the ducks and geese and lots and lots of people were around the lake. Some were in boats on the lake fishing and some were around the lake fishing and others were just enjoying being at the lake. It was such a beautiful day and I told Noni how pretty I thought it was. The walk was great and when we got home Popi was home.

I followed him around while he was "puttering" as Noni calls it. I'm not sure what that is, but I had fun doing it with him. Noni spread towels on the back yard and she and Jack sat on them and then laid on them enjoying the pretty day. Jack got a little fussy so we put him in the stroller and pushed him around the back yard. I pushed some too. It's kind of hard pushing him on the grass so I took him over to the driveway.

We had a great dinner at Cici's and I ate lots and lots of carrots. Some pizza too and a brownie. Jack ate some of a brownie and kept smacking his lips and asking for more. He's a smart boy to like brownies like me!!!

Jack wouldn't eat any of his regular food today. Noni said she was worried about him. She gave him bottles through the day and finally around 5 she came outside and told Popi she felt so much better because Jack had finally eaten some applesauce and a whole jar of food.

We were both very, very good today. Popi read me a Bible story last night and finished it tonight. I really enjoyed listening to it.

It's bedtime so I'm going to be a good girl and get a good night's sleep. It's been a fun day, a busy day and I'm really tired. I hope tomorrow is just as good!

We love you both, Mommy and Daddy. We hope you had a great day and you missed us just a little bit.

Emma and Jack