Monday, July 12, 2010
Apps I love
For those of you who drank the Kool-aid and own an iPhone or an iTouch I thought I might share some of my favorite apps. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions about apps myself. I can easily nickle and dime myself with those cheap little buggers.

The one app I rely on every day is Nutrition Menu by Shroomies. You can journal what you eat each day and it offers (uh...non-proprietary) points calculations for most of it. It even handles Flex Points (or a fascimile thereof). If something isn't already in their food lists you can add it as a custom food. You can chart your weight and watch it go down (because who tracks it going up?). You can apply exercise points from their long list of options.

The only thing I've found disappointing about this program is that the library isn't as extensive as I'd like. I may need to find a supplemental program with a more comprehensive food library. Any suggestions?

I know myself and one of the keys to being able to lose weight for me is journaling faithfully. It's a pain in the ass, but effective. The best program I ever found for that was the old (and elusive) WWCalc on the Palm Pilot. This isn't quite as good, but it comes as close as anything I've found.