Sunday, July 11, 2010
It's about time
Emma had her first guest over to play at our house today.This is the first time we've called up and invited someone, "Can _____ come over and play this afternoon?" We had a list of four girls we were going to dial up. We got to number three after the first two offered only answering machines. As it turned out #3 and Emma were quite compatible. There were no eruptions or spats, just a sulk or two over both of them wanting the same toy. They played in the pool, in Emma's room, on the front porch, and on my bathroom floor (!?!). Emma's friend was here for about four hours and I'd say three would have been perfect. Not that things went sour, it's just that the tiny conflicts came in the last hour.

Emma was a very gracious hostess for the most part. I was very proud of her. She was very cute when I was loading her friend into the car to take her home. "Thanks for coming!" "I hope you had a good time." "We'll have to do this again at my house or your house." She must have said "I hope you had a good time" four times, but her friend didn't take the hint and say that she had. I'd say her friend was not really processing what was going on there, because the first thing she told her mom when I dropped her off was that she'd had a good time.

It took so long to come to this point because we had to achieve three things at one time: Emma's room being clean, the house being presentable, and M and I being available to supervise for the swimming part. Harder to put all three of those together than you'd think.