Tuesday, August 03, 2010
They have no earthly idea...
of what they're getting themselves into.

I'm speaking of Noni and Popi. Next week they're both taking the week off from work to host all their grandkids for the week. All of them. We've dubbed it Camp Noni and Popi. Or if you prefer Native American sounding names in your camps it can be Camp Popinoni. Or Nonipopi. Whatever.


I'm thinking that having to keep track of Jack, by himself, will have them falling into bed by nine o'clock every night. Jack is 100% Boy Explorer. He opens every drawer and pulls a sampling out onto the floor. He steals your TV remote and hides it. He hides his milk cups (I hate finding those nasty buggers days later!) He climbs the steps, he goes down the steps. He plays in the toilet water. He puts random things in the trash can. He pulls things down from unbelievable heights. He wants your soda can (seriously, that's his #1 toy). He can occasionally open a door on his own. He...he...HE MUST BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES!!!


On the other hand...he gives awesome knee hugs and has the most infectious giggle ever. He carries on long-winded conversations that crack me the hell up. He always wakes up with a smile. And he loves, loves, loves his Noni.

I'm sure it will all be worth it. But it will definitely wear them out.